Associates products and services with the value of sustainability through an innovative formula.

Calculates the carbon footprint, and compensates it by contributing to the social project of climate change combat that you choose.

Improved positioning of your organization by the differentiation and innovation that Clean CO2 brings to the company, products and services.

Provides a personalized certificate of compensation for each client.

Customers satisfaction and loyalty, by the label 'CO2 Clean Certified' that guarantees that the company and its products and services are neutral in CO2 emissions.

Informs customers of sustainable commitment by online and offline communication elements.

About us

Lavola is a service company for comprehensive sustainability that supports and helps its clients to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability.

INNOVI cluster represents the Catalan wine industry and is a non-profit organization registered as AEI (Association of Innovative Enterprises), Ministry of Industry.



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Pl. Àgora 1

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