In this page you will find projects INNOVI is coordinating or participating actively.


Reduction of the application of phytosanitary products to the vineyard with the help of weather stations connected through a Software that analyzes the optimum moments for the application of plant protection products.


The overall objective of the project is to produce organic yeasts for sparkling wines, which allow companies to differentiate their product through the use of the biodiversity of existing microorganisms in their plots.

LIFE Ecorkwaste

Reuse of cork byprodut for filtration of wastewater of the cellars and to generate gas through a gasification plant.

Circular economy of cork stoppers

Implementation of a return system for cork stoppers within the framework of the circular economy.

LIFE Vinyards for heat

Use of rods and pruning vines to turn it into fuel with biomass boilers and create heat energy.

Study of the evolution and traceability of cork stoppers with QR / NFC technology

The project consists of evaluating the behavior of different types of cork stoppers regarding different variables that condition the evolution of still wines, as well as the introduction of QR and NFC wireless communication technology in their traceability.

Smart wineries 4.0

Energy indicator system for the control of energy consumption in wineries.

CO2 footprint of the wine product and organisation

Computer tool to calculate CO2 footprint of wine product and organisation.

Sustainable wineries 4.0

Analysis of the viability of the implementation of renewable energies in wineries.

Calculation of water footprint

Computer tool for the calculation of the water footprint of the wineries.

Other projects INNOVI is giving support or colaborating:

LIFE Clinomics

The Life Clinomics seeks to launch new investment processes of public bodies, especially municipalities and private companies of some representative sectors, in order to reduce their vulnerability, to anticipate climate impacts and to increase their resilience, improving competitiveness and increasing occupation.

VISCA – Meteosim

VISCA is a Climate Service (CS) and Decision Support System (DSS) that integrates climate and agricultural modelling, and end-users´ specifications, in order to design medium- and long-term adaptation strategies to climate change on vineyards. VISCA will be validated by real demonstration with end-users on three demo sites belonging to wine stakeholders from Spain, Italy and Portugal.

INNOVI is part of the Advisory Board.


CircE Project (European regions toward Circular Economy) involves 8 partners both at regional and local scale and representatives of different European social and economic scenarios: Lombardy Region, Government of Catalonia, Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesia, Province of Gelderland, London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB), Creation Development EcoEntreprises (CD2E), Sofia Municipality, Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia (SOS). The project aims at strengthening the diffusion of Circular Economy (CE) in Europe, consistently with the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package (2015).